Christian Fox - Colangelo Synergy Maketing

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

“Norma has been an exceptional partner every time we have worked together. Whether Concept or Copy deliverables, she comes to the table ready to brainstorm, and quickly gets up to speed on any brief to execute flawlessly. I cannot say enough good things about Norma, her creativity, teamwork, and flexibility.” December 21, 2011

 Victoria Edwards - Senior Designer at Select Design

"I loved working with Norma on our Hispanic-focused projects. She has such insight into all demographics, but she really knows the way the Mex-Am market thinks and feels about a large variety of categories. She is so spirited and her energy is contagious. Her knowledge of the Spanish language and grammar only strengthens her skill set and a copywriter and conceptor but also a proofreader and translator of sorts. She has always been so on-point with her work and I await the next time we get the opportunity to work together."

Enrique Cubillo, Photographer/Owner, 85 Photo Productions Inc. 

“My company was hired by Norma Ruiz to photograph a new and very popular paella bar. The project was challenging since we had to work around a busy operating lunch and dinner schedule. The space was very small as well. Norma was very direct and clear with her instructions to me which helped tremendously with the production. Norma was extremely flexible in my dealing with her in regards to a challenging time schedule. I had no issues in regards to hurdling all the production problems associated with this shoot. She brought a vision to the project and a clarity to the production that I later saw fully united in a terrific website for the client. I'd recommend her to anyone and look forward to doing more work with her.” July 2, 2009

Clint Blume, III (The 100 Club )
Clint hired you as a Business Consultant in 2010

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

“Norma is very passionate about the power of social media. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and creative outlook. I appreciate the time spent working with her.” December 28, 2010

Elmo Baca - NM Dept. of Economic Development 

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

“I hired Norma and her excellent creative team to produce a marketing campaign and media presentation for the New Mexico Economic Development Department to promote the historic Route 66 corridor. I was extremely pleased with the interactive CD-ROM Norma produced that was fun, edgy, out-of-the box creative, and enthusiastically received by our clients. Norma’s team worked above and beyond the contract requirements. Their ideas and work set a new standard for our economic development business development recruitment. I can recommend Norma and her creative capacities without reservation!” December 19, 2011

Tom Violano, Senior Project Manager, Structure Tone 

“I have known Norma for about 10 years and her energy and enthusiasm is totally refreshing. Norma did a marketing interview for me on a High End Condo project. She interviewed Philippe Stark,the famous architect and designer who designed the project. The interview was used as a marketing tool and the sales were fantastic. Norma,is such a creative force, a real thinker, and chocked full of ideas. Her new project "Skwirrels" is so innovative,and brilliant, a can't miss product. It's my pleasure to recommend Norma” December 21, 2011


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