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Machete y Gilé - original screenplay 

Original Spanish Language Screenplay (translated into English)  

Written by Norma Ruiz Guerrero


Two young flight attendants in the Dominican Republic (one Mexican one Colombian) supplement their income by slipping suitcases of cash through customs for the drug cartel. When a seedy mob boss mysteriously dies, and a suitcase full of money gets lost on the same flight, the girls become prime suspects, flee with the deaf girl left behind on the flight, then get kidnapped by two fumbling thugs. This story of female courage and bloodied, often comical twists and turns, juxtaposes a wealth of endearingly dangerous characters with the mystical beauty of Santo Domingo’s cigar culture.  Click here to read a portion of SPANISH or ENGLISH script

 FRATZ - original TV scripted show

Original scripted Spanglish television dramedy

Written by Norma Ruiz Guerrero

Six Latinos from different ethinic and socioeconomic backgrounds, meet and become friends in a mostly white, upscale university. After being rejected by every fraternity, over what they feel is blatant, racial discrimination, they decide to form their own 'Latino only' frat in a mansion-style house paid for by the uber rich Gabriel, who's mom thinks dorms are the ghetto. A coming of age dramedy about school, bigotry, cutlural differences, girls and what it means to be a young Latino in the USA. Click HERE to read a snippet of the script.                                                                                                                                                    


Pale Blue Light is a television dramatic series about NYC hip hop. The story centers around a dying record company, 'Pale Blue Light Records', the father that started it, and the two sons fighting over whether to keep it alive or shut it down. The show is a behind the scenes exposé of the music, lifestyle, and culture, of the wannabe's and never-will-be's and, once in a while, a rising star. It's real. It's funny. It's hip hop. 

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