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Consumer goods 


Client: Febreze via agency 


Client: Clorox via agency


Client: Mexican Avocados via agency


Beauty & Cosmetics

CLIENT: CoverGirl Corporate

CG wanted to show how Latinas are different from Anglos, in order to design Latina-specific line of makeup. 

CLIENT: CoverGirl Trushine lip wear

:15 and:30 sec spots for US Hispanic television. 

CLIENT: Pantene hair care

:15 and:30 sec spots for US Hispanic 


             Pharma                                           Self-Promotion

CLIENT: Wing Latno Agency

CLIENT: Memes Media Self-promotion 

CLIENT: Memes Media Self-promotion digital 

Online videos

CLIENT: YipTV (Deportes)

[Script - voiceover] 

CLIENT: YipTV (Film Festival Promo) 

[Script - voiceover]

CLIENT: YipTV (Entertainment Spanish)

[Script - voiceover]

CLIENT: YipTV online TV (How to Watch)

[Script - voiceover] 

CLIENT: YipTV online TV (News)

[Script - voiceover] 

CLIENT: YipTV online TV (Promo Reel)

[Script - voiceover] 

Culinary Instructional Videos

CLIENT: Chef Bernard 

[Script, directed, clean-up]

CLIENT: Chef Bernard 

[Script, directed, clean-up]

CLIENT: Chef Bernard 

[Chefs don't take direction well; this was payback.

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