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Writing online copy is about swiching out platforms. A lot of little spaces need to be filled with big, eye-catching ideas, with plenty of SEO.   

Below you can see some of my best online creative. I've selected these particular projects to show range. I love range. Click on the image to go to the site. 

Cristiano Ronaldo men's fashion website. 

El Paso Electric Community Solar Program 

Access Medicare 

COPE Health Solutions

United Soybean Board 


Skwirrels.com - Online Platform

Skwirrels.com is an interactive, online job site based on the simple principals of online dating. The site uses existing technologies like Skype, auto-resume builder app, microsites for job-seekers, and a user-friendly search engine for recruiters. The project is currently under construction penidng investment. I conceptualized the idea, wrote all of the copy and co-designed it with my art director/partner Andy.  

Marketing Materials 

Global Access

Employee Job Search Screen 




Launchpad.com - Online Platform

I was commissioned to create and design an online music site for exisiting and up & coming talent. I came up with LAUNCHPAD. 


One of the most unique features is the 'pad' - a free microsite that mimmicks a musician's studio, a chefs kitchen or an artist's work studio, used to showscase their work.  


Website - User-friendly website with rules & regulations, coupons, promotions and store locator.

Water Bottle - each promo product included official Customs information on liquor entering Mexico.

Facebook Ecommerce Store


Facebook Business Promo Pages


Ecommerce Website


Ecommerce Site 


Verizon Fios Spanish-Language Website

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