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in deep thought 

Without change there is no innovation, no creativity or incentive for improvement. 
2 Create an environment for curiosity and a way to encourage people, and you will get the best out of them.

A great idea is a matter of opinion; selling a great idea is a matter of persuasion.
Those who embrace change will be better equipped to manage the inevitable; change.

I love children and old people best because they always tell the truth. Kids are too young to have agendas, and old people don't a give a damn anymore.

6 Take a chance, if you don't, you'll just never know. 

7 The only thing I know for sure, is that I don't know anything for sure. 

8 'El que mal anda, mal acaba'. 

La sávila cura todo. El té de manzanilla es mejor que el valium, y el bicarbonato de soda (baking soda) te mantiene los dientes blancos. 

10 I hate it when people who aren't funny, tell a story they think is funny, and then stare at you until you laugh.

Norma Ruiz Guerrero 917-856-3826 norma@memesmedia.com  
advertising copywriter – hispanic political writer 


1. Award-winning multicultural/digital copywriter. 

2. Fifteen+ years working in NYC, NM  and Mexico with government, 
    non-profit and corporate clients as well as major national brands.

3. Formats: digital, traditional, TV & radio, print, outdoor, POP,   
    infomercials, TV and movie scripts and I even designed 2 online 

4. Hispanic Political marketing/advertising and strategy. 

5. Available for consultations in person or via Skype. 
                                       downloadable pdf resume here

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